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On demand, all inclusive, educational

play for ages 0-6!

The Studio Grow Story


When his oldest daughter was young, Tim Alley was looking for family-friendly things to do. While there were wonderful options, they were mostly in a class format. Tim recognized the opportunity for something new - a place where families could drop in at their convenience for a variety of fun, educational activities. No membership needed, no reservations required, admission valid for the whole day, and something enjoyable for both children and adults. The financial success of the business would be completely dependent upon the ability to attract visitors, so the service would have to be excellent and reasonably priced.


Over time, Tim built Studio Grow into an award-winning business. In the summer of 2016, he sold the company to a new owner, who operates Studio Grow at Blackhawk Plaza shopping center in Danville.


Tim now runs Rain or Shine - a drop-in play center in Berkeley.






How is Studio Grow different?

No reservations required, no membership needed! Come any time - all activities included. 

Everything in one place! Art, music, tumbling, dress up, legos, trains, blocks, balls, and so much more.

Developmentally appropriate activities designed to prepare for and compliment preschool. 

Intergenerational, cross cultural interactions help both children and caregivers make healthy connections. 

Safe, simple spaces with contemporary furniture, and a comfortable atmosphere that everyone appreciates. 

All drop-in open play

Wide range of activities

Educational Focus

Opportunities for socialization

Clean, relaxing facilities

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