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On demand, all inclusive, educational

play for ages 0-6!

Educational Open Play

90% of human brain development happens in the first 5 years of life.


Developmentally appropriate, child directed, open play is important for healthy intellectual, emotional, and social growth.


Studio Grow is based on proven theories of early childhood education.


Children have unlimited potential.

Children express themselves, share ideas, and better understand their world through play.

Children can make anything out of blocks, paint, paper, tape, and imagination.

Shared experiences between children and adults foster healthy intergenerational respect.

Creating an appropriate environment for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development can facilitate amazing learning outcomes.

Diversity should be welcomed and embraced.


Studio Grow offers a wide variety of activities for all day open play, all included with admission.


No need to go all over town for a diverse set of experiences - Studio Grow has it all in one place!


No need to leave at the end of a class - Studio Grow lets you stay as long as you want (although we DO close each day and you DO have to leave then).


No need to pay extra for each activity - the price of admission includes everything you want to do during your visit to Studio Grow!


Some things you can do at Studio Grow!


Build with blocks

blow bubbles

paint a picture

sing a song

cook a (pretend) meal

dress up

toss a ball

solve a puzzle

push a toy train

read a story

climb a sturcture

organize a dollhouse

perform a puppet show

wash a baby doll

ride a roller coaster

squish some play dough

dance a funky dance

make friends


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